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American Online Racing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Questions and Answers related to the site

·  How do I register?
·  I've lost/forgotten my password. What do I do?
·  I registered with a Nickname that does not follow the standards. How do I change it?
·  Can I change my password?
·  How do I to submit an article for the site?

·  How do I register?

Registration opens up additional information available to you.
To register, do the following:
Click the Register link on the User Info block
Select Yes if over 13 years old then Continue
Accept the TOS (select Yes) then Continue
For your Nickname (please use your first and followed by an underscore(_) and your last name. (i.e. John_Doe)
For your Real name, enter your real name. (i.e. John Doe)
For Email enter the email that you want AOR to use to contact you
Your password must be at least 4 characters and no more than 20 characters. Note that it IS case sensitive
The next several Optional fields can be left blank but it would be nice to know your location
You can hide your email address by selecting No for Always show my Email Address. (recommended)
Forums Time zone should be set based on your location. (ET is -5, CT is -6, MT is -7, PT is -8, Alaska -9, Hawaii -10)
Leave the Forums Date format as is
Once the form has been completed, enter the Security Code displayed in the Type Security Code box and select Continue
Validate that the Username and Email about to be registered are correct and select Finish
You will now be registered and logged on to the site. Please remember your Username and Password.

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·  I've lost/forgotten my password. What do I do?

From the HOME page on the website, press the Lost Password link in the login area. Enter your website username or email address you used when registering on the site. A confirmation email will be sent to you. Follow the instructions in the email.

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·  I registered with a Nickname that does not follow the standards. How do I change it?

Notify the Site Administrator with the Nickname you are currently registered with and the new Nickname you would like to have.
You will be notified via your registered email when the change is complete.
Remember to log in with the new Nickname.

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·  Can I change my password?

Select the Account link.
Select Change Info link.
Enter your current password in the Current password field.
Enter your new password in the New password field.
Enter your new password again in the Confirm password field.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and and select Submit.
Remember to use your new password when signing in to the site.

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·  How do I to submit an article for the site?

AOR encourages members to write articles about their racing experience here. Use the following procedures for submitting news to the site.
Select the Submit News link in the Main Menu block.
Fill in the headline for your story in the Title area.
Select a Topic for your story. (If an appropriate topic does not exit, contact the site staff with the information you would like. We'll get it added as soon as possible.
Fill in the Story Text. This will be displayed on the main page.
Fill in the Extended Text. This will be displayed when the Read More link is checked on the story.
Select the Preview link to see how the story will look when posted.
The story will be reviewed by the staff and you will be notified by your registered email once it has been accepted and posted.

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