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American Online Racing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> Driver Management

·  How do I join a series?
·  How do I join a season?

·  How do I join a series?

  • Enter the Driver Management module.
  • Check to be sure that Reportname is correct.  This is just the name that will be used on all reports generated.
  • Check for a Series Signup window.  If it is displayed, there will be a list of series you have not joined.
  • Select the series you would like to join from the drop down list and click Signup.
  • The series you selected will now show up as a series you have joined.

NOTE: You only have to join a series once.

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·  How do I join a season?

Drivers are required to sign up for each new season run at AOR.  This helps keep the rosters clean for each season run so that drivers who do not run in every season wll not show up in the standings.

To sign up for a season, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Driver Management module
  • In the table listing the series you have joined, select the season you want to join from the drop down list next to that series
  • Click MANAGE
  • In the N2K3 Player Name, enter the name you added in the Player Info of the game
  •   (i.e. If you set up the game as First Name: John and Last Name:Doe, enter John Doe as the N2K3 Player Name)
  • It is important that you get this right as the N2K3 player name becomes the key to link you into the AOR database as a driver
  • Enter the car # you will be running
  • Select the car make you will be running
  • Enter a sponsor that appears on the car you painted
  • Select Y or N for receiving email notifications
  •   (If you select Y, you will receive detailed race information a day or two in advance of each race as a reminder)
  •   (Emails will be sent to the email address you have configured on the website)
  • Click UPDATE

You may change these values by revisiting the module at any time.

If you use miltiple player names in the N2K3 game, enter them(one at a time) in the Alias field and press Add Alias.  The scoring system will the check for aliases and tie them to your correct driver profile.

If the season you are signing up for is a team based series, you will not be able to select a car #, make or sponsor.  These will be assigned by your team owner once you are hired.

The DETAIL button will show your race results for the selected season.

The RETURN button will take you back to the Driver Management home screen.

A render of your car can be added to your driver profile.  The picture must be tied to the car file download.

To add a picture of your car, follow these steps:

  • Select Change CAR Pic
  • From the drop down list, select the correct option for your car
  • Click UPDATE

If there is no picture associated with the download you selected, then no picture will remain, otherwise the picture will be displayed.

NOTE: Unlike signing up for a Series, you need to signup for a Season each time a new one is created.

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