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American Online Racing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Category: Main -> The Main Page

·  What's with all the different blocks?
·  Main Menu block?
·  User Info block?
·  Who Is Where block?
·  AOR Teamspeak block?
·  Welcome block?
·  Series Information block?
·  Calendar block?
·  AOR Winners block?
·  Downloads-New block?
·  News block?

·  What's with all the different blocks?

Our site is built around the nuke_evolution base system and customized to meet our needs.  Basically, all information is displayed in blocks that have been logically grouped into common sections.

The site is optimized for wide screen monitors.  If you do not have a wide screen monitor, you may find navigation easier if you change the zoom level of your browser until the bottom scoll bar disappears.

The main site is broken up into 3 positions.  Left, center and right.

The left position will contain site related material and will remain in view for most all navigation.


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·  Main Menu block?


The Main Menu block will have links to just about everything you will need.  This block has titles that are displayed with an icon next to them.  These group common links together.  Under each title will be links that take you different parts of the site.

  • Home:
  •   Home: This will bring you back to the main site
  • Members:
  •   Groups: This will take you a section where you can join groups you are active in.  Currently groups are defined as the different racing series.  Join each group(series) you are racing in.
  •   Private Messages: This will take you directly to the Private Messages page where you can read and reply to any messages you have received.
  •   Profile: This will take you to the page where you can change information about your user.  You can change your password, email address, avatar and more on this page.
  •   Your Account: Takes you a page where you can change most anything related to your user including the Theme that is used.
  • Community:
  •   Forums: Will take you directly to the Forums.
  •   Search: Allows you to search the site by keyword.
  •   Supporters: Takes you to our supportes page.  Visit our supporters links.  They keep our league running.
  •   Surveys: Will take you to a list of active surveys on the site.  Complete the surveys.  We can use all the feedback we can get.
  • League Links:
  •   Member Application: If you have never driven in an AOR sanctioned series, use this to get approved to race.
  •   Driver Management: Everything you need to manage the information related to your driver. Name, N2k3 name, car #, car make, etc.
  •   Team Management: If you're a team owner or would like to become one, this is the link for you.
  •   Driver List: Wonder who drives in what Series and Season?  Use this link to find out.
  •   LeagueStats: Historical information collected from the racing results.
  • Files & Links:
  •   Downloads: Get Series Mods, Tracks, Carfiles and more from this link.
  •   WebLinks: Links to other sites that members have found helpful.
  • News:
  •   News: Links to all the news ever submitted.
  •   Submit News: Submit your own article for publication on the site.
  •   Topics: See all the available topic here at AOR.
  • Other:
  •   Link Us: Get the code to place on your own website that will link to AOR.
  •   Content: See all the content available to you related to AOR.
  •   Docs: Not really used at this point.
  •   FAQ: Find answers to your questions here.
  •   Feedback: Give us information that will help make the site better.
  •   Recommend Us: Send a link to a friend recommending us.
  •   Stories Archive: Find old stories in our library.
  •   Site Map: See the hierarchy of our site.
  •   Donations: Make a donation and help keep the site up and running.

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·  User Info block?

This block contains information related to the user.  It is populated once you have succesfully logged on to the site.

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·  Who Is Where block?

This block will show users that are currently browsing the site and where they are on the site.

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·  AOR Teamspeak block?

This block will show the current status of our Teamspeak server.

Clicking the top link (American Online Racing) will, if you choose to allow, start your Teamspeak client and connect to our Teamspeak server.

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·  Welcome block?

This is just a welcome block.  There are typically no active links on this block.  It will sometimes be used to provide information since it will always be the first thing users see when they log in.

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·  Series Information block?

This is the crux of all inforation related to racing here at AOR.

All active racing series will be represented in this block.  There will be a section for each active season.

The series logo picture will be a link to the details modules for that series season.  Click on it to navigate.
Below the logo, the Top Ten standings will be displayed.
Below the standings, inforation about the next race for that season will be displayed.

  •   The date of the next race
  •   The track the race will be run(Click on track name to download it)
  •   The current weather at the track
  •   The weather the server will use when the race is run
  •   Rules(Click to see the rules for that series)
  •   Car Files(Click to go directly to the car file downloads page)
  •   Server Info(Click to see details for the race server)

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·  Calendar block?

The calendar will show all the races currently set up at AOR.

You can change the options for the calendar by clicking on the Options button at the top left of the calendar.  You will be able to change how the calendar displays information there including what series information to display, how much information to display (Year, month, week, day) You can use the <- -> keys on the main calendar to change the dates selected or type a date to go to if you wish.

Experiment with it.

Race information contains links to the Game Mod and the track.  you can click these links from the calendar and you will taken directly to the download for that Mod or track.

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·  AOR Winners block?

This block shows the last 10 winners at AOR.

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·  Downloads-New block?

A table of all downloads received within the past 30 days.  The Download column is a link directly to the download for that file.

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·  News block?

Directly below the Downloads-New block are the 10 latest news stories.  Check here frequently as new information is often provided as a news story.

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