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Race Detail for ProCup Race #11 Run on 2018-04-19

Toyota Owners 400

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Practice Information

Position#Driver NameTimeDiffSpeedDiffLaps
1124Allen Ebert20.677 130.58073
240Gary Moran20.746 00.069 130.1460.43555
378Rod Weston20.778 00.101 129.9450.63562
488bigbrowntruck8820.806 00.129 129.7700.81064
5112Eddie Railey20.832 00.155 129.6090.97299
621Philip DeFranco20.832 00.155 129.6090.972120
713Caleb Lingle20.858 00.181 129.4471.13456
820Jeff Trowbridge20.874 00.197 129.3481.23396
961Ralph Pauley21.004 00.327 128.5472.03328
1043Larry Cole21.066 00.389 128.1692.412125
1181Troy21.088 00.411 128.0352.54554
12230jeff_breidigan21.094 00.417 127.9992.582112
136Brett Carter21.103 00.426 127.9442.63667
145Richard Hildebrandt21.301 00.624 126.7553.82687

Qualifying Information

Bonus Target Time:21.7665 secs.
Position#Driver NameTimeDiffSpeedDiffLaps(*)
1124Allen Ebert20.730130.2462Yes
240Gary Moran20.75700.027130.0770.172Yes
321Philip DeFranco20.80700.077129.7640.482Yes
513Caleb Lingle20.84900.119129.5030.742Yes
620Jeff Trowbridge20.86600.136129.3970.842Yes
7112Eddie Railey20.91300.183129.1071.141Yes
861Ralph Pauley21.03100.301128.3821.862Yes
106Brett Carter21.31600.586126.6663.582Yes
115Richard Hildebrandt21.37200.642126.3343.912Yes
1343Larry Cole21.64900.919124.7175.522Yes
1478Rod WestonNo TimNo TimeNo TimeNo Tim0No
(*)Eligible for Ancillary Bonuses

HappyHour Information

Position#Driver NameTimeDiffSpeedDiffLaps
1124Allen Ebert20.849129.5039
221Philip DeFranco20.87400.025129.3480.158
3112Eddie Railey20.88800.039129.2610.248
478Rod Weston20.94500.096128.9090.599
513Caleb Lingle20.96500.116128.7860.717
620Jeff Trowbridge21.02100.172128.4431.0610
761Ralph Pauley21.04000.191128.3271.178
840Gary Moran21.16900.320127.5451.955
106Brett Carter21.20800.359127.3112.1910
125Richard Hildebrandt21.56100.712125.2264.277
1343Larry Cole21.61400.765124.9194.581

Race Information

FinishStart#Driver NameTeamLapsMilesLedPasses
Time On TrackDiffSpeedStatusPosition
11124Allen EbertMagnum Racing/ACME-TV1401051006331h 21m 59.511s76.837Running151302810$459,900.00
2488bigbrowntruck88Raydogg Motorsports140105132916131h 21m 59.735s00.22476.833Running1463177$208,488.00
3620Jeff TrowbridgeAmerican Online Racing14010502310131h 21m 59.882s00.37176.831Running1330165$178,850.00
47112Eddie RaileyRaydogg Motorsports14010502715121h 22m 00.223s00.71276.825Running125314 $158,410.00
5321Philip DeFrancoAmerican Online Racing14010502816121h 22m 00.880s01.36976.815Running116017 $148,190.00
6513Caleb LingleRaydogg Motorsports14010504316271h 22m 01.071s01.56076.812Running10138 $143,080.00
7981TroyRaydogg Motorsports14010523811271h 22m 01.938s02.42776.799Running98017 $132,860.00
8240Gary MoranSam Houston Racing14010542913161h 22m 02.481s02.97076.790Running84393$122,640.00
9106Brett CarterSam Houston Racing14010514620261h 22m 04.172s04.66176.764Running7539 $122,129.00
10115Richard HildebrandtSam Houston Racing14010514214281h 22m 05.185s05.67476.748Running66012 $121,618.00
11861Ralph PauleyRaydogg Motorsports 114010503516191h 22m 06.314s06.80376.730Running50321$121,107.00
121343Larry ColeMagnum Racing/ACME-TV14010503212201h 22m 07.035s07.52476.719Running47011 $120,596.00
131478Rod WestonRaydogg Motorsports 11007519241770h 54m 45.255s-40 laps82.185Retired3104 $120,085.00
1412230jeff_breidiganRaydogg Motorsports 1118.2502110h 06m 56.649s-129 laps71.283Wheel2002 $119,574.00

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Post Race Information

LoggedWhoTypeLapRuleRemarksAdmin ResponseResolved
14:05 EDT
Larry ColeProtest136-- Not Listed --"It is expected that drivers take responsibility for any incidents they create." Seeking clarification here. On lap 136 the caution came out due to an incident between the 61/40 car. Heated debate started between the two drivers as to fault until the 43 car pointed out that no one was pitting at which they both said it was a racing deal. Since nearly every on track incident between two or more cars that create a yellow can be deemed a "racing deal", then what is the point of any driver moving to the back of the field. So the questions are: 1) was there fault of one of the two cars. If so, one of those cars should have pitted/drove through the pits to pick up the tail end of the field. If not... 2) why on every other caution in every other race, have cars pitted or drove through the pits to move to the back of the field 3) It was said by a couple other drivers that the "fault" rule goes out the window if there are 10 or 5 laps left to go. There is no mention of that anywhere in the Pro Cup rules or General Rules.If that is the case then 4) Does that mean with 10 or 5 to go, its just a free for all and damn the torpedoes?I've reviewed the incident and find it a racing deal.

If you'll remember at the beginning of the season it was stated that we would be keeping the rules to an absolute minimum and letting the drivers police themselves. This has worked very well in my opinion.

No, it is not a free for all at the end of the race, but there is a lot more leniency and the incident must be blatant before the end of the line rule gets enforced. This was one of those cases.
15:37 EDT
16:47 EDT
Ralph PauleyComment-1-- Not Listed --In response to Num 43 , I agree, rules are rules, hard racing they say unless it is them that is taken out, before anyone points finger in my defense, I ran the same line all night but was hit by the 21 and 40, it is a short track and everyone has different breaking or non braking points in the corner that is why you are patient, I try and am far from perfect but some peeps are really aggressive, and so with that said, Larry you are right and punishment should be enforced, if it is me so be it.acknowledged. Expecting more common racing sense from drivers than trying to address every possible situation with a rule.04/23/18
15:29 EDT
Damage - End of Race
Race Fastest Laps

1Allen Ebert20.939128.94610
2Philip DeFranco20.942128.92810
3Eddie Railey20.952128.866111
4Rod Weston20.957128.83573
5Caleb Lingle21.007128.52971
6Jeff Trowbridge21.036128.35270
8Ralph Pauley21.079128.0986
9Brett Carter21.083128.06571
10Gary Moran21.087128.04171
12Richard Hildebrandt21.446125.89888
13Larry Cole21.481125.69315
Race Leaders

Allen Ebert1-50
Rod Weston56-62
Brett Carter63
Rod Weston74-85
Allen Ebert86-95
Richard Hildebrandt96
Gary Moran97-100
Allen Ebert101-140
Pit Stops

Allen Ebert2140
Jeff Trowbridge3140
Eddie Railey6140
Philip DeFranco3140
Caleb Lingle5140
Gary Moran6140
Brett Carter5140
Richard Hildebrandt3140
Ralph Pauley5140
Larry Cole2140
Rod Weston3100
Black Flags

Eddie Railey(5/140)
Larry Cole(3/140)
Philip DeFranco(3/140)

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