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» Traction Trucks - Mon, Jun 17, 2024
Gary Moran

» Cup Speedway - Sun, Jun 16, 2024
Dennis Turner

» PSRL - Sun, Jun 16, 2024
Gary Moran

» ProCup - Thu, Jun 13, 2024
Gary Moran
Iowa Corn 175, Powered by Ethanol at Iowa Speedway™ - v1.0

» Fun Friday - Tue, Jun 11, 2024
William Crabtree

» Traction Trucks - Mon, Jun 10, 2024
Dennis Turner
at Iowa Speedway™ - v1.0

» Cup Speedway - Sun, Jun 09, 2024
Dennis Turner
at Iowa Speedway™ - v1.0

» PSRL - Sun, Jun 09, 2024
Jeff Trowbridge
The Corn Cup at Iowa Speedway™ - v1.0

» ProCup - Thu, Jun 06, 2024
Jeff Trowbridge
Toyota / Save Mart 40 at Sonoma Raceway 2013

» Fun Friday - Tue, Jun 04, 2024
William Crabtree
at Littlefield Super Speedway®
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In December 2017, several Scorpion Network board members with Facebook accounts saw potential in its developer portal and social networking features. The group decided to mimic the more popular features of the website. Within 10 days, the first version of The 86it Developers Network was ready for launch, implemented using PHP-Nuke Titanium an open-source fork of Thatware that has been around for more than 30 years. A complete modular infrastructure of finance, human resources, technical expertise, bandwidth, and server capacity was available for the network. The project was overseen by Ernest Buffington (The Scorpion Network's founder, chairman, and CEO).

Keeping The 86it Developers Network FREE was necessary to build a successful developer community, however, at the same time, The 86it Developers Network offers any and just about all commercial services available at wholesale rates. i.e. Commercial Web Hosting for large and small businesses, commercial and personal web design. Payment gateways and FREE assistance setting up just about any online business or personal blog site. They seem to be appealing to the gaming communities as well due to the fact that mod developers fit under the same umbrella as online developers.

PHP-Nuke Titanium is nothing like Facebook and in some ways very similar to the old MySpace. The difference is that The 86it Developers Network provides network members with a website/portal, where MySpace on the other hand gave you a single page that also was limited to the design concepts that involve only CSS and some minor Flash capabilities. Facebook and MySpace have many limitations when it comes to developing a personalized website or portal. The 86it Developers Network gives you access to your own virtual private domains that come with a FREE commercial cPanel License (43 dollars a month in value). Their users and network members have full access to PHP, Perl, Python, CGI, MySql, and many other types of web development tools.

If you would like a PHP-Nuke Titanium Website/Portal please send your request to Ernest Buffington. CLICK HERE

The 86it Developers Network
is still under construction due to an unexpected death and losing a very very important friend and board member. This has slowed things down quite a bit. We plan to have everything working and in order by April 2021 says "Ernest Buffington". It was with great sadness that we had to move forward without our VP and wonderful friend.

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