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Current Standings with Championship 4 decided by Regular Season points

LMDR Series Driver Standings
Season: 2021 Dirt
Position+/-Driver NamePointsLeaderNextStartsPolesWinsTop
1--Dennis Turner280001810915184107.444
3--Vince Kramer269-11-520731320638.042
4--BOB DILLON248-32-2122101522434.344
7--Charlie York167-113-461600916653.000
9--R Merritts Sr98-182-2272377055.857
11--Jeff Trowbridge28-252-36201121none
12--Rick Turcic25-255-330013354.500

LMDR Series Season Statistics
Season: 2021 Dirt

StatisticDateTrackStat Value
Cautions - Least2021-04-22Orange County Fairgrounds Speedway0
Cautions - Most2021-04-29Devil's Bowl Texas (DIRT)9
Finish Margin - Closest2021-05-06BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY00.199s
Finish Margin - Largest2021-04-15New York State Fairgrounds08.525s
Most Cars Out2021-03-04Eldora Speedway7
Most Cars Running2021-02-11BRISTOL MOTOR SPEEDWAY8
Most Leaders2021-06-24Fayetteville Speedway5
Qualify Fastest Speed2021-06-24Fayetteville Speedway998.269mph
Qualify Slowest Speed2021-07-01Hales Corners Speedway (DIRT)97.741mph
Race Fastest Average Speed2021-04-22Orange County Fairgrounds Speedway949.028mph
Race Fastest Time2021-06-24Fayetteville Speedway0h 13m 26.828s
Race Slowest Average Speed2021-02-18Canandaigua Speedway49.706mph
Race Slowest Time2021-04-29Devil's Bowl Texas (DIRT)0h 36m 32.544s
LMDR Series Schedule / Results
Season: 2021 Dirt

Race NameRace DateTrack NameTrack RankPoleSpeedWinnerSpeedTime of RaceFunctions
Season OpenerWed, 2021-02-10Bristol 2001 WKC (Dirt)OKDennis Turner120.135R Merritts Sr60.4600h 31m 44.192s
Race 2Wed, 2021-02-17CanandaiguaNot RankedVince Kramer112.275R Merritts Sr49.7060h 21m 2.371s
Race 3Wed, 2021-02-24Knoxville Raceway 2011Not Ranked
Race 4Wed, 2021-03-03Eldora Speedway 2016Not RankedVince Kramer141.733Vince Kramer65.6260h 27m 25.681s
Race 5Wed, 2021-03-10BoneCrusherOKR Merritts Sr111.269Crabby96.1780h 23m 25.516s
Race 6Wed, 2021-03-17Langhorne_DirtNot RankedVince Kramer171.592Dennis Turner122.2200h 19m 38.208s
Race 7Wed, 2021-03-24LernervilleNot RankedVince Kramer131.224Dennis Turner95.4700h 23m 34.055s
Race 8Wed, 2021-03-31CedarburgNot RankedDennis Turner240.723Dennis Turner123.2370h 29m 12.722s
Race 9Wed, 2021-04-07Chili Bowl WKCNot RankedDennis Turner314.493Dennis Turner196.4670h 16m 11.158s
Race 10Wed, 2021-04-14N.Y. State FairOKDennis Turner112.701Dennis Turner94.8290h 25m 18.517s
Race 11Wed, 2021-04-21MiddletownNot RankedDennis Turner972.029Jeff Trowbridge949.0280h 18m 58.008s
Race 12Wed, 2021-04-28Devil's Bowl TXNot RankedDennis Turner247.508Dennis Turner131.3540h 36m 32.544s
Race 13Wed, 2021-05-05Bristol 2001 WKC (Dirt)OKDennis Turner120.657Vince Kramer103.9080h 18m 27.978s
Race 14Wed, 2021-05-12BoneCrusherOKGhostDriver139.859Crabby106.4770h 21m 9.573s
Race 15Wed, 2021-05-19Volusia Speedway Park02016Pretty GoodDennis Turner122.498Dennis Turner96.4560h 22m 12.412s
Race 16Wed, 2021-05-26Syracuse NightNot RankedCrabby127.335Dennis Turner107.9310h 21m 7.481s
Race 17Wed, 2021-06-02N.Y. State FairOKVince Kramer111.063Vince Kramer98.0280h 21m 25.346s
Race 18Wed, 2021-06-09DuQuoin 2016Not RankedBOB DILLON135.634Crabby98.0210h 21m 25.436s
Race 19Wed, 2021-06-16LernervilleNot Ranked
Race 20Wed, 2021-06-23Fayetteville WKCNot RankedGhostDriver998.269Crabby678.2130h 13m 26.828s
Race 21Wed, 2021-06-30Hales Corners WKCExcellentR Merritts Sr97.741R Merritts Sr62.9270h 24m 18.822s
Race 22Wed, 2021-07-07Springfield 2016Not RankedVince Kramer132.300Corvette-fan91.9680h 26m 5.760s
Race 23Wed, 2021-07-14MiddletownNot Ranked
Race 24Wed, 2021-07-21Eldora Speedway 2016Not RankedDennis Turner139.061Corvette-fan112.9350h 15m 56.305s
Race 25Wed, 2021-07-28Williams GroveNot RankedDennis Turner103.478Dennis Turner74.9560h 28m 0.968s
Race 26Wed, 2021-08-04Bristol 2001 WKC (Dirt)OKVince Kramer119.158Corvette-fan65.2970h 29m 23.135s

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